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In order to further improve the quality of medicines, to actively participate in the implementation of the State Programme of Reforming the Health Care System of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to accelerate the creation of medicines based on local natural resources, to raise the level of standardisation of medicines created by national organisations to the level of international requirements, a new organisation was established on 16 October 2001 - the SCIENTIFIC CENTRE FOR STANDARDISATION OF MEDICAL PRODUCTS with the participation of two founding state organisations. TASHKENT PHARMACEUTICAL INSTITUTE and STATE CENTRE OF EXPERTISE AND STANDARDISATION OF MEDICINE AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 476.

The opening of a laboratory for pharmaco-toxicological analysis in 2003, as well as the provision of analytical instruments for the laboratory by the German foreign company «Erveka» for the sum of 35,000 euros as selfless assistance, made it possible to further expand the activities of the Scientific Centre.

Specialists of the Scientific Centre developed the technology and standardisation of the therapeutic balm «Sharq Tabibi», «Triogalen», «Fitogalen», «Immunomodulin» injectable and other new original medicinal preparations and introduced them into industrial production at customer enterprises.

In 2004, the Scientific Centre became the first in Uzbekistan to carry out research and development work on the creation of medicines and control their quality, as well as to carry out pharmaceutical activities.In January 2004, the medical devices certification body and testing centres were accredited, and these agencies began their activities within the framework of the State system of control and certification of medicines.